Socio-Economic Risk Has Spread…To Marketing.

You’ve invested enormous energy and resources to build your company’s brand and its value. In today’s divisive, activist-motivated world, the value of your brand can be damaged in an instant. 

Managing Social Activism (MSA) provides “proactive measures" help you navigate marketing and business risks driven by growing socio-economic disruption. We increase your readiness to preserve and manage your brand asset value for your company stakeholders.

Our approach centers on a proprietary analytic process built around your brand and its daily encounters with the world.  Viewing the marketing landscape through a different lens — measuring and bench-marking risk exposures, auditing your company’s brand and marketing process, using our text monitoring technology -- we spot unique vulnerabilities and opportunities.  We collaborate with you to build forward thinking counter-measures and strategies to manage emerging risks and to protect your brand’s value.

The strength of our model comes from combining our strategic business and communications experience with audit and research ingenuity that assesses new, emerging marketing risks.  

We’re ready to help you preserve your brand’s value in today’s outspoken and increasingly turbulent world.