POV: Where Gillette’s New Ad Went Wrong

“…For Gillette, #MeToo and a slippery slide into toxic masculinity damaged brand equity. More socioeconomic rigor and a disciplined analysis would have likely led Gillette to a different, socially positive message that the brand could have delivered more convincingly...”

Excerpted from “POV: Where Gillette’s New Ad Went Wrong” by Patrick Marrinan and Susan Fournier, Dean of BU’s Questrom School of Business, published in BU Today, February 1, 2019. Read the full article here.

Calculated Risk: A Driver of Corporate Growth

"...A tyranny of metrics is driving a management ethos that administers -- rather than builds -- profit. While metrics-driven efficiency is a necessary component in driving the evolution of business success, a single-minded focus on this driver contributes to a corporate management that derives profit through the extraction of already established company and brand value, rather than through product and marketing innovation that typically drives new growth.  Risk can't be wholly avoided; even avoiding risk entails risk..."


Excerpted from “Calculated Risk: A Driver of Corporate Growth"  by Patrick Marrinan and James Harn, published in Media Village, June 28, 2018.  Read the full article here

Due Diligence For Socio-Economic Risks

"...Today, investors and their diligence teams face the new challenge of emerging socio-economic risk exposures. These risk factors are many, varied, and shifting… and are growing out of our divided cultural and business environment.  This means that investors are now bringing new diligence demands to deals..."  


Excerpted from  "Due Diligence for Socio-Economic Risks." published in Today's General Counsel - Summer 2018.  See MSA's and K&L Gates' shared perspectives on the new emerging risks that due diligence teams will need to address. Read the full article here.


The Frontlines of Brand Risk

“…it will be increasingly common to include brand risk exposures in SEC disclosures…some aspects of brand risk, like reputation risk or social media risk, are already included in SEC 10-K reporting, but it is not yet widely common. Marketing has traditionally been focused on revenue growth…but in a slow and no growth environment, senior executives are really seeking ways to better understand risk exposure…”


Excerpted from “The Frontlines of Brand Risk” published in GfK’s Market Intelligence Monitor, April, 2018. See MSA’s published interview with Boston University professors, Susan Fournier and Shuba Srinivasan. Read more