Socio-economic marketing and brand risk - selected weekly updates

Brand Risk and Due Diligence: During her Academy Awards acceptance speech, Best Actress winner Frances McDormand encourages use of “inclusion riders” in acting contracts.   

“So what is an inclusion rider? …It’s the idea that A-list actors have the ability to stipulate in their contracts that diversity be reflected both onscreen and in “below the line” positions, where women, people of color, and members of L.G.B.T. communities are traditionally underrepresented…”

Frances McDormand has two words for you. The New York Times. 03/05/18

Delta Airlines and Enterprise Rental Cars run afoul of the Florida State legislature after severing ties with NRA in the wake of the Florida school shooting tragedy. 

 “Over the past 24 hours, Florida lawmakers, borrowing from counterparts in Georgia, have targeted an aviation fuel tax reduction benefiting Delta and proposed late night budget language to rebid a state rental car contract held by Enterprise. The Enterprise contract is not set to expire until September 2020…”

 Delta Airlines paying for severing ties with NRA. Politico. 03.03.18

 Trying to manage ahead of the brand risk curve, Bank of America appoints “Chief Brand Safety Officer.”

“I get a text from my chief financial officer every time there is news about a brand safety issue,” (CMO Lou) Paskalis said, according to ad industry news site The Drum. “I know why he is sending them to me … at some point he is going to say, ‘gee is marketing safe to invest in?’ and we don’t want that.…”

BOA appoints Chief Brand Safety Officer. The Guardian. 02.28.18

Qantas Airlines wades into controversy with new politically-correct employee speech policy.

“…Qantas Airline released the information on its corporate intranet as part of its "Spirit of Inclusion" month detailing a list of potentially offensive terms.  Staff were also allegedly advised to avoid words such as "mum" and "dad" and "husband" and "wife" as they could be seen to exclude same-sex couples and single parent families.…”

 Qantas Airlines ignites new speech controversy. The Evening Standard. 03.06.18