Socio-economic marketing and brand risk - selected weekly updates

Marketers and C-Suite managers are increasingly acknowledging a “risk management” role attending to the general issue of marketing risk exposure is emerging.    

“Brand Safety has been the hot topic on marketers' lips over the last 18 months amid reoccurring mishaps from platforms like Google and Facebook around targeting, viewability and ad misplacement. Not so long ago, brands like Airbnb and Tesco touted the position of the chief media officer as one that could help alleviate some of the industry’s ills, but now it appears that weight of expectation may shift to a newly-coined role, the brand safety officer. …”

Will Brand Safety Officer dethrone Chief Media Officer? Harro, March 12, 2018


Investors are increasingly demanding that corporations advance socio-economic positions.   

 “…Today, institutional investors and other stakeholders are asking companies to take public stances on a wide array of topics, some of which may be wholly unrelated to the targeted company’s corporate purpose. Investment funds themselves are feeling this pressure, as they are being asked by their own investors to become activists on social issues, and the rapid pace of recent external events—combined with the impact of social media—can demand hasty statements or actions…”

 Corporations and the Culture Wars: Harvard Law Forum, March 23, 2018


Big Finance taking sides in the gun debate: Citibank restricts firearms sales by retail banking clients.

 “…Lawrence G. Keane, general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry, said in a statement, “These policies do nothing to add to public safety and, in fact, may put vulnerable Americans at greater risk to be victims of crime.” He called Citi’s action “virtue signaling…”

Citibank restricts retail firearms sales. Reuters, March 22, 2018


 Facebook Fiasco: Company reputation crashes over 20 points in latest research study.

 “…Elon Musk expressed his disappointment in the company by prominently deleting the Facebook pages for SpaceX and Tesla in response to the scandal. “Gives me the willies,” he tweeted.  Musk also tweeted a Saturday report in Ars Technica that, on earlier editions of Android, Facebook’s apps were able to gather data on calls and texts without explicitly asking for permission. “Shocker,” he added…”

 Facebook falls 20% in reputation poll. Fast Company, March 27, 2018