Socio-economic marketing and brand risk - selected weekly updates

For the past week, MSA monitoring identified 38 discrete brand risk events.  These brand risk events impacted an array of diverse firms -- from well-known, publicly traded corporations to mid-sized, private firms.  Below we’ve selected some representative brand risk event press reports to help you stay current and informed.  Contact us for more information about our service offerings.


You Tube is contending with an epidemic of fake “views” – the key measurement used to determine advertising payments in a significant “Brand Safety” exposure for parent company, Google, and importantly, advertisers. 

“The problem itself was extraordinary,” said Blake Livingston, a member of YouTube’s fraud and abuse team at the time who has since left the company.  But fixes were made that relieved the fake-traffic surge, which YouTube said resulted from an attack against the website.  Years later, the battle against fake views continues, even as YouTube contends with disinformation campaigns, like Russia’s efforts during the 2016 election, and language it considers hate speech… Still, with the platform registering billions of views a day, tens of millions of fake views could be making it through daily…”

 You Tube battles fake views. The New York Times. August 11, 2018


3G Capital encounters “Alpha Brand Risk” – as they watch KraftHeinz shares slump and brands falter. .

“...But the firm's (3G Capital) co-founder Jorge Paulo Lemann said its business model of buying strong consumer brands is facing new difficulties from upstarts.  "We bought brands that we thought could last forever," he said at the Milken Institute Global Conference earlier this year, according to Forbes. "You could just focus on being very efficient. (But) all of a sudden we are being disrupted...”

KraftHeinz shares fall as 3G trims stake citing disruption. CNBC. August 8, 2018


 More scandals erupt at troubled Wells Fargo.  Is “brand risk” fatigue setting in?

"The announcement was just the latest in what’s amounted to a two-year streak of bad news for the bank, dating to its first admission regarding its phony-accounts scandal in September 2016. But unlike the storm of criticism directed at the bank nearly two years ago, which resulted in a change of CEO's at Wells, the media reaction to the most recent revelation was barely a blip…”

More trouble at Wells Fargo, but does anybody still care? American Banker. August 13, 2018


The CTA’s Consumer Electronics Show, slammed over the lack of women speakers, names IBM’s Ginni Rometty as keynoter for 2019. 

“The CTA announced Wednesday that Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president and CEO, will kick off the annual consumer-tech conference in Las Vegas in an address on Jan. 8, 2019. Rometty previously delivered a keynote at CES 2016, the last time the trade show featured female keynoters.  Rometty’s selection comes after a backlash against the CTA’s all-male keynote lineup for CES 2018, coming after no women were featured the previous year, either.…”

Backlash prompts CTA to invite IBM's Rometty. Variety. August 1, 2018