Social activism brand and marketing risk - selected weekly updates

For the past week, MSA monitoring identified 51 discrete brand risk events.  These brand risk events impacted an array of diverse firms -- from well-known, publicly traded corporations to mid-sized, private firms.  Below we’ve selected some representative brand risk event press reports to help you stay current and informed.  Contact us for more information about our service offerings.


IN & OUT BURGER boycott, called by California Democrat leader, fizzles.

Boycott authenticity matters.  “Eating at In-N-Out is such a standard thing to do across California,” said Anthony Grigore, a Democrat, dismissing the boycott idea as a bit silly.   Link


NETFLIX endures protests after “Made in Mexico” cast is revealed to be nine wealthy light-skinned socialites.

Made in Mexico follows the lavish lives of a Mexico City set but critics say the focus on the rich has come at the wrong time and the show's stars don't represent what the average Mexican person looks like. Link


BARNES & NOBLE CEO was fired months ago.  The reason: sexual harassment and bullying.      

Barnes & Noble’s board said in a statement that Mr. Parneros had been “terminated for sexual harassment, bullying behavior and other violations of company policies.” Until Tuesday, the company had said only that he was terminated for violating policies, without further explanation except to say they were not related to financial matters...  Link


WELLS FARGO demands that Bloomberg News reporter be re-assigned.

The bank is continually in the brand risk headlines.  This time, CEO Tim Sloan demanded a reporter be reassigned after a story ran describing the bank the "preferred financier for the U.S. gun industry" and detailed the bank's relationship with the National Rifle Association.  Link


AMAZON AND PALANTIR ICE contracts drive protests at Burning Man.

"We hope to really both raise awareness but also start to have folks understand how these tech companies are contributing to this in efforts to be able to get Amazon to drop Palantir from its cloud and stop collaborating with these tremendous human rights abuses that we are witnessing," Link