Socio-economic marketing and brand risk - selected news updates.

H&M: After racially insensitive ad debacle, H&M tries to address the ongoing fallout with a new diversity officer appointment, and incites further pushback.

“But you can’t just appoint a figurehead, make a Facebook apology, and expect people to forgive you. If Wu (H&M’s new diversity officer) is going to truly be a catalyst for change, she needs the executive power to restructure and transform the teams—especially the branding, e-commerce, and marketing departments....” 

H&M’s new diversity exec January 18 2018 from Quartzy

Education Sector: Florida State University institutes reforms at all fraternities and sororities.

FSU President John Thrasher instituted an interim suspension of Greek Life activities on Nov. 6, 2017, after the death of fraternity pledge Andrew Coffey and two unrelated arrests of fraternity members on drug trafficking charges.

FSU News: Greek life reforms January 29 2018

Brand risk event costs WYNN shareholders; stock dives 19% in two days after Steve Wynn is accused of sexual harassment.

“…Wynn Resorts' board says it has launched an investigation into the allegations made against its CEO, saying it is "committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and maintaining a safe and respectful culture." But the company had previously issued a statement criticizing the (original) Wall Street Journal report…”

WYNN stock loses.  Money CNN January 29 2018

Eating Tide Pods meme just won’t go away.  That’s a real worry for parents, and P&G.

This internet meme has been around for a few years, representing an increasingly dangerous brand exposure for the biggest selling laundry detergent. And a new outbreak of the meme is concerning. 

Tide Pod Challenge Returns Fox News January 26 2018